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dream house


Pelion is blessed with a beautiful natural landscape of verdant forests, olive groves, apple orchards, small rivers and ravines, exquisite pebble and sand beaches and crystal waters. It still provides holidays on uncrowded beaches during summer and some skying and peaceful nature walks during winter.

There are many beaches and walks to enjoy in the local area:

Beautiful pine forests, mountains, olive-groves, apple orchards and river valleys near the Dream House offer a rich variety for walks, in the forest, up the mountain or along the coast.

Parisaina beach at the foot of the House is a perfect sandy beach and it is quite easy to sink comfortable into laziness and go no further during your entire vacation.

There is so much to visit around the Dream House, that whether your focus on churches, picturesque towns and villages, or any other interesting cultural sites of interest, you certainly will not be disappointed.

Here is a list of some churches, towns and villages and other interesting cultural sites of interest you can visit around the area:

  • The church of St. Nicholas which is built on an earlier ancient temple, with wooden temple.
  • The church of St. John the Baptist that in his honor a festival is held every year on August 29.
  • The ancient Ipnoi (Caves) where most of Xerxes BC fleet wrecked in 480.
  • The secret school Rigas.
  • Square of St. George with plane trees.
  • The churches of St. George, Agia Kyriaki and Agia Paraskevi.
  • Zagora library.
  • The events of the Cultural Summer Festival and the Pelion.