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dream house


Chorefto is located in a distance of 55km from Volos, just 9km from Zagora, being its port. The boats of the inhabitants of Zagora were anchored here when the weather permitted it, to take on and off various products. The tourist development of the village is great, due mainly to the beach of the same name, located beneath it, and its easy access from Zagora. There are plenty of remarkable choices of accommodation and catering, and therefore many people choose Chorefto for their vacations.

The most beautiful part of the beach is the north one, with fine sand, while in the south part pebbles dominate. At the southern end, there is also a small port, expanded recently, from which depart boats for the adjacent, inaccessible by the land, beaches during the summer months. The road does not stop in Chorefto, but continues to the south. In a close distance, there is the junction to the wonderful beach of Agioi Saranta. The dense vegetation of the area and the peaceful atmosphere of Chorefto and its beach (especially during the winter) inspired the Greek poet George Drosinis, who had a house in the village, to write the collection of poems "Galini" (serenity), praising the Greek nature.